We cannot overstate the importance of prayer in the life of a believer.

Think about the way that the bible describes it:

·       Hebrews 4:16

·       Revelation 8:3

oDo you pray with the understanding that you are doing so before the throne of God?

oHow does that change the way you view prayer?

oWhat does that tell you about the way God views your prayer?

The disciples got to walk with Jesus for three years & had access to him unlike anyone else on earth. They asked him to teach them one thing, “teach us how to pray” (Luke 11:1) what did Jesus teach them?

Read Matthew 6:9-13 - He teaches them to:

1.  Remember

2.  Adore

3.  Invite

4.  Request

5.  Confess/ Repent

6.  Petition

Which of these is most natural for you? Which is most challenging?

What can you do to grow in incorporating this element in your prayers?

The bible also tells us a lot about how God views prayer, as well as how we should view & practice it. Read, meditate, & discuss these texts with your group:

·    Jeremiah 33:3

·    Psalms 37:4

·    2 Chronicles 7:14

·    Proverbs 15:8

·    John 14:13

·    Luke 11:5-10

·    1 Thessalonians 5:17

Write down & discuss the things that these passages have impressed on you. How will these truths change the way you pray? Why?

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