Purity & Holiness


We are called to live pure and holy lives. We are called to be holy as He is holy [1 Peter 1:13-15] and living a life of purity is a step toward holiness and Christ-likeness. God told the Israelites several times throughout the Old Testament to consecrate themselves when they were preparing to see God or be a part of a miracle. With the coming of Jesus, God’s presence isn’t limited to a temple, but we have the privilege of being in His presence at all times. What better reason do we have to live consecrated lives daily? Though this can be difficult at times, we are not alone. The Holy Spirit is with us to help lead us into purity and holiness with the Lord. A pure heart desires more of God, and the closer we get to God the more we resist sin and embrace the righteousness that God has for us. We are called to live set apart from those whom live in the world. People around us should know by how we walk, talk, and live that we love Jesus and love others. 

Living a life of holiness and purity encompasses more than sexual purity alone. Take some time to read through this passage together and identify the areas of your lives which need some purifying.

Colossians 3:1-17

Walking in purity in every area of our lives must be more than a behavior modification or it will not last. It only comes through our love for God and our daily devotion to Him. “Purity without intimacy is just sterile self-discipline devoid of the Spirit’s power.” – Boyd Bailey

Additional Readings:

·       Psalm 19:14

·       Psalm 119:9-11

·       Psalm 119:37

·       James 4:7-8

·       1 Corinthians 10:13

·       Romans 13:11-14

·       I Timothy 4:12

·       2 Timothy 2:22

Things you can do with your disciple:

·       Practice the Table each week in hopes of helping them live a repentant and pure life.

·       Ask them if there is any area in their life they aren’t living in purity (Thoughts, actions, speech, relationships, television shows, movies, music, social media or internet browsing, etc.).

·       Take time to ask the Lord, “Is there any area of impurity in my life?”

·       We win the battle for holiness and purity before temptation comes, so take the time to set up healthy parameters and accountability.

·       Challenge them to memorize scripture that will help them overcome temptation

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