Acts Church is a partner church for Waco Mentors an initiative for the body of Christ to transform the education system in Waco. So many children in our neighborhood need a mentor to help them get on track with education, which is a big barrier to generational poverty. As a result, we have decided to respond by hosting book clubs at our local elementary school, West Avenue Elementary School
Why Book Clubs? 
90% of Waco ISD students are considered poor and 69.7% of Waco ISD students are "at-risk." Statistics show that if a child cannot read proficiently and is "poor," that child is 13 times less likely to graduate. We are taking the initiative in hosting book clubs on school grounds because we believe in the power of education and relationships to move people out of poverty. When combined with the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe that the impact is transformative. 
If God is tugging at your heart as you read this, we need you. We cannot mentor the children of Waco by ourselves. Currently, we are hosting 30-minute book clubs during lunch time. These 30-minute, once-a-week book clubs is a simple way to make huge impact in our community. By reading with the children, you are not only building meaningful relationships with the kids, but you are also taking part in what has been proven to improve students' reading levels. You might be just what a student needs to catch up to their grades' reading level and do well in school. 
If you would like to know more about Acts Church's book club, you can contact