Q: Do teachers have background check clearance?

A: All of our teachers have passed background checks upon applying to be a part of the World Changers Ministry. We do everything we can to make sure that your child will be in a safe and positive environment while in their World Changers classrooms.

Q: How many kids does the World Changers Ministry serve?

A: There are about 60-100 children who walk in through the doors of Acts Church every Sunday and take part in the World Changers Ministry. Our children come from all walks of life and we welcome them all.

Q: Is there a check-in system for the children?

A: Yes. We want to make sure that our kids are as secure as possible when they are at church, and so check-in is required of each of the children that attends children's church. There is a computer check-in system that parents can go to check in their children at. A World Changers volunteer will be at the station to help parents check in their children.  


Q: Are you in need of any help in the classrooms?

A: We are always looking for excellent volunteers in the World Changers Ministry. If you are interested in becoming a nursery worker, lead teacher, assistant teacher, hall monitor, or substitute teacher, please fill out an application on this site! 

Click here for the application!